Beam Saw Machine

Electronically controlled, pressure beam equipped panel saws, which Ayoba boards has purchased offers a wide variety of advantages to the woodworking industries.

The electronically controlled program fence is equipped with clamps which link the board or stack of boards to it, thereby guaranteeing precise positioning and ensuring tight tolerance component accuracy and squareness.

The saw utilizes a pressure beam, this type of cutting equipment can effectively cut one sheet of board or many at a time with clean, attractive edge quality throughout the stack, because the pressure beam rigidly clamps the sheets prior to cutting, the quality of cut on this type of saw is far superior to that achieved when the sheet is physically moved past the cutting blade.

The capability to stack-cut and the physical speed of this type of saw, both turnaround times and direct labour are minimized.

The saw itself does all the workpiece positioning and because the stack of sheets is firmly clamped by the pressure beam during the cutting process and because the blades on the saw are below the machine bed except when cutting, this type of cutting equipment is one of the safest methods for cutting woodworking materials.